Classifying Extracts: Processor Types

It is possible to use the processors' inventory types to as a way to classify those that were "uncategorized", as well as to double check our above classifications.

For about half of the inhalants, the processor also listed the product type as "Marijuana Extract for Inhalation", but for the other half, we have more detail about what went into the product. It also may be possible, if needed or useful, to try to go back one further step in the supply chain to see what inventory types came before "Marijuana Extract for Inhalation" for a given product.

More excitingly, we should be able to classify an additional 44.6% of the inhalants that we were not able to categorized by product name and keywords by looking at the processor’s listed inventory types. This should allow us to get our uncategorized products down to about 15.4% of inhalants.

Comparing these to the groupings from the text methodology, it seems the the text method is fairly accurate, but also that there may be some errors in the data, such as things labeled as "Food Grade Solvent Extract" for products that are not turning into edibles. Using the type listed at the laboratory level, there are also some other inventory types that show up, including "flower." This shows that this method cannot be used alone but can be used jointly or as a check on other tools.