Carnegie Mellon University, H. John Heinz III College, Pittsburgh PA
Master of Science, Public Policy & Management – Data Analytics Track
Students for Urban Data Systems, Assistant Director of Data Projects
Heinz Policy Radio, Show Host

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Urban Neighborhoods

Selected Projects
Capstone: Analysis of Washington’s Legal Marijuana Market
Processing large public dataset to understand product safety and market dynamics
Methodology includes statistical analysis, regression discontinuity, difference in differences, synthetic control, and text analysis and classification
Capstone: Council of Governments Code Enforcement
Generated monthly reports for each participating municipality using R, Markdown and SQL to provide insights and visualizations about code enforcement practices
Communicated with non-technical government client to assess needs and scope project
Students for Urban Data Systems, Asst. Dir. of Data Projects
Organizing events aimed at making data accessible to wide audience
Working on causal model to explain disparities in outcomes of negotiated plea deals
Created map of over 100 police jurisdictions in the county and examined policy implications


Family Independence Initiative
Data Analytics Intern         09/2016 - Present
 Interpreting cohort, panel, and time-series data about participants’ progress using R and Shiny, other tools as needed
Communicating findings for a variety of internal and external audiences

Larimer Consensus Group         
GIS & Housing Planning Intern         06/2016 - 08/2016
Developed multiple mapping tools to enable community-based group to make data informed decision about housing development in the neighborhood
Incorporated publicly available datasets with survey responses using Esri's Survey123, and developing web app maps for public input
Analyzed neighborhood patterns to make policy recommendations

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV & Radio Artists
Broadcast Negotiator & Organizer         04/2012 - 06/2015
Negotiated labor contracts including drafting proposals and final language
Gathered and interpreted data on industry trends, calculating local contract costs, analyzing worksite data to further campaign goals
Crafted comprehensive plans for multiple campaigns, including contract fights, local union's involvement in statewide legislative campaign, and push to increase member engagement
Coordinated communications for a diverse coalition, including labor unions, businesses, and city officials, working to pass state legislation on entertainment industry business incentives

Sacred Heart Community Services
Housing Action Committee Volunteer       01/2014 – 02/2015
Analyzed city reports regarding impact of new market rate housing on affordable housing need and availability
Engaged in successful political and community campaign to pass local Housing Impact Fee, including meeting with City Council members
Crafted messages around affordable housing for public presentations
Organized and facilitated training sessions for diverse groups of new community activists

American Federation of Teachers
Organizer     03/2011 – 04/2012 
Designed and implemented strategic plan to mobilize workers across 200 worksites, incorporating research of political landscape, community contacts, funding streams, and analysis of previous campaigns
Managed Excel and Access databases and drafted campaign messages for use in multiple organizing drives, including projects in CA, WA, and NY
Presented detailed budget proposals in understandable manner to community members


Proficient: R, ArcGIS, Carto, SQL, Excel, Solver
Has Experience: Python, Stata, Tableau, Access, MS Project, MS Visio

Coursework Includes
Methods of Policy Analysis
Applied Econometrics
Economic Analysis
Multimedia Journalistic Storytelling
Management Science
Financial Analysis
Project Management
Decision Analysis
Telling Stories With Data (Teaching Assistant)
Database Management
Python for Developers
R for Analytics
Data Mining
Advanced Business Analytics
Exploring and Visualizing Data
Healthcare GIS